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  • Hiddush Challenges “Coalition Funds”
    Written by on 24/03/2024
    Hiddush submitted a petition against the attempt to transfer millions to the budget of the ultra-Orthodox school networks; and a petition that stopped the allocation of "Deri's food tickets"

  • The Efforts to Promote Utah Online Marriage Continue
    Written by on 24/03/2024
    Hiddush gives legal counsel to couples who seek to marry using the Online Marriage platform in Utah

  • As War Continues, Israel and Hiddush Look Ahead
    Written by on 10/03/2024
    During recent days, as national challenges in Gaza and the north continue, the report regarding the Meron disaster emphasizes how essential is an independent judiciary to ensure a healthy democracy

  • New Religion and State Index 2023: Acute Tension Between ultra-Orthodox and Secular Jews
    Written by on 13/09/2023
    The tension between ultra-Orthodox and secular Jews and between the political right and the left are the most significant internal conflicts in Israel, far more than other internal tensions that tore Israeli society apart in the past

  • Religion and Hypocrisy
    Written by on 24/08/2023
    Agudath Israel in America published a public statement criticizing the involvement of United States government officials in the defense of democracy in Israel. This statement reeks of hypocrisy

  • How do we know that the override clause is a despicable initiative?
    Written by Uri Regev on 10/11/2022
    Many political figures present the demand for legislation of the “override clause” as essential for "the judicial system’s health”, for "increasing public trust in the Supreme Court", and a host of other slogans which sound reasonable and responsible, but which are actually far removed from that.

  • 2022 Israel Religion & State Index
    Written by on 17/10/2022
    A large majority of the Jewish public want freedom of religion, civil marriage, public transportation on Shabbat, conscription of yeshiva students, cuts to yeshiva budgets, enforcement of core curricular studies and more.

  • Religious Discrimination in Allocation of Municipal Funds
    Written by on 08/09/2022
    Over the past 5 years the Jerusalem municipality has allocated NIS 100 million to religious institutions - and not even one shekel of this sum was allocated for Christian and Muslim communities or liberal strands of Judaism.

  • Where Does the Israeli Public Stand?
    Written by Uri Regev on 19/08/2022
    Where does the Jewish Israeli public stand on the controversial issues of religion and state? We will soon publish Hiddush’s annual Religion and State Index, which provides a comprehensive overview of the many topics included in this broad category. But in the meantime, we conducted a survey more limited in scope, on two key questions that are on the public and political agenda.

  • Hiddush in the US International Religious Freedom Report
    Written by on 16/06/2022
    Hiddush appears prominently in the International Religious Freedom Report for Israel, West Bank, and Gaza which was released on June 3rd by the United States Department of State.

  • The Weekly Scandal: “Blow up the Supreme Court”
    Written by Uri Regev on 10/05/2022
    There is hardly a week that goes by without a scandal or a struggle over religion and state. The weekly scandal, which accompanied last week's Independence Day celebration, is the video clip in which MK Yitzhak Pindrus, chair of the UTJ (United Torah Judaism, the Ashkenazi ultra-Orthodox faction in the Knesset) is seen expressing his desire to blow up the Supreme Court: “You know what my dream is? To bring a D9 [bulldozer] and blow up the building.”

  • What has not changed in the last year from previous years?
    Written by on 14/04/2022
    How much has changed (or not changed) since last year in the arena of religion & state in Israel?

  • Israel needs to fight for true freedom of religion
    Written by Uri Regev on 11/04/2022
    What Idit Silman, et al., describe as a Jewish identity is the identity of a small minority in the state of Israel and an even smaller minority among world Jewry.

  • 54% Israelis: IDF soldiers have right to eat chametz
    Written by on 17/03/2022
    In light of the public and political battle that accompanies the petition Hiddush submitted (on behalf of itself, the Secular Forum, and a group of parents of IDF soldiers) to reduce the sweeping ban against leavened foods during Passover on IDF bases, Hiddush decided to survey the positions of Israel’s adult Jewish public on this matter.

  • Court rules against rabbinical court judge for "Writ of Refusal"
    Written by on 09/12/2021
    Hiddush's legal advocacy continues, with its submission of a petition to the Supreme Court against the IDF for religiously coercing soldiers to keep kosher on Passover, as well as yet another petition on behalf of an Israeli couple married legally via videoconference in Utah County, Utah.

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