Quotes regarding religion and state in Israel

  • "Religion should be relegated to the synagogue and the homes of those families that want it; it should occupy a special position in the schools; but it shall not control the ministries of State."

    Chaim Weizman

    From the book, "Trial And Error" We must prepare for a cultural war

  • I consider the Jewish question neither a social nor a religious oneץ

    Theodore Herzl

    The Jewish State Jewish Virtual Library

  • We must free our Holy Torah from the petty politics of Torarism – the terrorism of Torah. We must understand that politics corrupts, and religious politics corrupts absolutely.

    Rabbi Shlomo Riskin

    Chief Rabbi of Efrat; Founder Ohr Torah Stone Jerusalem Post

  • "The State of Israel is not a halachic state but rather is a nation-state of all the Jewish people. Many Jews are becoming alienated because they feel that the State of Israel does not respect the way they practice Judaism.”

    Rabbi Nathaniel Helfgot

    Rabbi at Yeshivat Chovevei Torah, Riverdale, NY Rabbi Clarifies Position

  • "In pluralism you can’t just say, 'I like it.' You have to present an intelligent argument for embracing your conviction. And, I say there can be conviction and depth if you learn to hear your own music without having to negate the other. Acclimation without negation. I don’t have to negate the other in order to affirm what I have."

    Rabbi David Hartman

    at American University Commencement, 2004 Rabbi Hartman on Pluralism

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