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  • Religious Discrimination in Allocation of Municipal Funds
    Written by on 08/09/2022
    Over the past 5 years the Jerusalem municipality has allocated NIS 100 million to religious institutions - and not even one shekel of this sum was allocated for Christian and Muslim communities or liberal strands of Judaism.

  • Haredi education and Israel's future - will elections bring change?
    Written by on 10/12/2020
    The state invests NIS 4.4 billion in ultra-Orthodox education, and 84% of the boys studying in ultra-Orthodox post-primary schools are at in institutions where there are no core curricular studies.

  • Legal advocacy – not for sprint runners!
    Written by Uri Regev on 10/12/2020
    In the last two weeks, there have been some important developments in Hiddush’s legal arena, and they remind us that this legal battle is not intended for short distance runners. It takes a great deal of time and perseverance.

  • Hiddush fighting for pluralism in Jerusalem
    Written by on 16/07/2020
    The Jerusalem Municipality deleted the list of synagogues in the city from the municipality's website in order to avoid publicizing non-Orthodox synagogues and non-Jewish houses of worship.

  • Excluding non-Orthodox and non-Jewish from municipality website is illegal!
    Written by on 25/02/2020
    Hiddush – For Religious Freedom and Equality submitted a petition to court, challenging the Jerusalem Municipality’s illegal exclusion of those synagogues that represent Reform, Conservative, egalitarian Orthodox, and other independent Jewish communities, as well as non-Jewish religious institutions (primarily Muslim and Christian) from the “Religion and Tradition” section of the municipal website, which only includes information about Orthodox synagogues and institutions.

  • Haredi leadership's responses to Hiddush Supreme Court petition
    Written by Uri Regev on 07/02/2020
    The Israeli ultra-Orthodox media’s reaction to Hiddush’s petition to the Israeli Supreme Court on the matter of the State’s failure to ensure that upwards of 40,000 children in Jerusalem receive educations at legal, state recognized schools was predictably full of vitriol.

  • One of every Seven Jerusalem children attend unregistered schools!
    Written by on 05/02/2020
    In violation of the law and ignoring both the Ministry of Education and the Jerusalem Municipality - more than 40,000 children in Jerusalem study in schools that operate without licenses! Hiddush and Jerusalem City Council Member Dr. Laura Wharton petitioned the Supreme Court, demanding that Israel’s law of compulsory education be enforced in the city.

  • 78% support marriage or registration for same-sex couples
    Written by on 06/06/2019
    More than half of the Zionist Orthodox public (54%) supports the establishment of recognized same-sex partnerships. 73% of the general public believes that if marriage or registration for same-sex couples were to be recognized in Israel, these couples must have all or most of the rights of all other couples.

  • No legal prohibition against displaying Christmas trees!
    Written by Uri Regev on 22/12/2016
    Following a letter sent by the Jerusalem Rabbinate to the city's hotels, which claimed it inappropriate to display Christmas trees in hotels and inappropriate to permit New Year's parties, Hiddush promptly wrote to the Ministry of Religious Services.

  • The AJC-JPost surveys of American & Israeli Jews on pluralism in Israel
    Written by on 22/09/2016
    A significant development in the arena of religion and state is a recent study conducted by the Jerusalem Post and the AJC of U.S. and Israeli Jewish public opinion, which was published last Friday. Following is Hiddush's analysis:

  • Katniss Everdeen's image censored in Jerusalem
    Written by on 25/11/2015
    Katniss Everdeen was censored out of Jerusalem and B’nei Brak 'Hunger Games' posters; only the fiery bird image was included. Hiddush immediately alerted the media of this censorship, prompting an investigation of the matter.

  • Chief Rabbinate perverting Sukkot with religious bigotry
    Written by Uri Regev on 06/10/2015
    Only one year ago, Chief Rabbi Lau self-righteously preached to the Pope, proclaiming Israel's greatness in protection of religious freedom, and now he himself aimed to curtail Christian prayer services in Jerusalem.

  • Jerusalem Chief Rabbis - Why were they elected?
    Written by on 23/10/2014
    After the elections for chief rabbis of Jerusalem, all that remains is to hope that the new Chief Rabbis not cause lasting damage to Judaism and the residents of Jerusalem.

  • Christian intolerance towards the Jews of Huxley
    Written by Uri Regev on 05/10/2014
    Jewish organizations, as expected, come to the defense of the Jewish community of Huxley, as Christian leaders attempt to ban their prayer event. But what would Jewish organizations do in the reverse situation?

  • Chief rabbis criticized for call to ban Jerusalem Christian prayer service at Temple Mount
    Written by on 30/09/2014
    The JPost covers Hiddush's call on AG Weinstein to open investigation into the Chief Rabbis for possible infractions of the Law of Freedom for Worship.


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