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  • Court rules against rabbinical court judge for "Writ of Refusal"
    Written by on 09/12/2021
    Hiddush's legal advocacy continues, with its submission of a petition to the Supreme Court against the IDF for religiously coercing soldiers to keep kosher on Passover, as well as yet another petition on behalf of an Israeli couple married legally via videoconference in Utah County, Utah.

  • IDF forcing soldiers to keep kosher for Passover
    Written by on 25/11/2021
    Next week, Hiddush will submit a petition to the Supreme Court against the IDF, demanding that it change its regulations regarding its policy on chametz on Passover in army bases.

  • Hiddush in the legal trenches
    Written by Uri Regev on 14/07/2021
    Hiddush has initiated legal action in two instances of abuse by Haredi outreach operations infringing upon the rights and lives of residents of neighboring buildings.

  • Legal fronts against religious discrimination
    Written by on 05/02/2021
    Hiddush has been active on several legal fronts against religious discrimination in the IDF, including the battle against exempting yeshivas students from conscription along with the rest of their Israeli peers.

  • Legal advocacy – not for sprint runners!
    Written by Uri Regev on 10/12/2020
    In the last two weeks, there have been some important developments in Hiddush’s legal arena, and they remind us that this legal battle is not intended for short distance runners. It takes a great deal of time and perseverance.

  • Religion and State issues not pushed under the rug
    Written by Uri Regev on 13/08/2020
    It is critically important to understand that despite the sense of urgency regarding Israel’s political, security and health concerns, issues of religion and state have not been pushed under the rug. They continue to be at the forefront of political controversy and in the headlines.

  • Hiddush takes on enlistment and the IDF
    Written by on 13/08/2020
    In recent weeks, Hiddush has been dealing intensively with a number of issues related to enlistment and the army, some of which have already matured to the point of filing lawsuits, some of which are follow-ups on Hiddush’s past litigation, and in some cases we are going through the legal pre-litigatory steps that will allow us to pursue litigation in the future if necessary.

  • The Imminent Political/Legal Explosion
    Written by on 05/06/2020
    The ultra-Orthodox parties have pushed hard on the Prime Minister in their coalition negotiations. The amendment to the Draft Law is the only issue of religion and state relations that is spelled out in detail, not only in the agreements of the ultra-Orthodox parties with the Likud, but also in the Likud's agreement with Blue & White.

  • On the legal front
    Written by Uri Regev on 04/06/2020
    Hiddush's activism in the legal arena has continued in the face of the Covid-19 crisis, as Israel's new government has been settling in. There will be much to do in the face of the ultra-Orthodox party's stranglehold over Israel's religion-and-state arena!

  • Pushing the wheels of justice to keep on turning
    Written by Uri Regev on 28/11/2019
    As the legal scene in Israel heats up, mostly characterized by uncertainty as to what's next, and when it will finally settle down, Hiddush continues to actively pursue its legal advocacy. While encouraged by indications regarding both public opinion and commitments to religious freedom and equality voiced by some by key parties, legal advocacy remains a necessary and effective avenue to advance Hiddush's mission, even as the wheels of justice turn ever so slowly.

  • Hiddush demands: IDF, bring back family visitations on Saturdays!
    Written by on 28/11/2019
    Following dozens of information requests regarding the forbiddance of family visitations to IDF bases on Saturdays, two NGOs turned to the IDF. Hiddush – For Religious Freedom and Equality and the Secular Forum demanded that the IDF permit family visitations on Saturday, and the IDF responded: “We shall form a team to formulate a picture of the situation and provide recommendations.”

  • The Supreme Court ruling on pluralistic IDF burial
    Written by on 13/08/2019
    The following is an extract from the Supreme Court ruling on Hiddush’s petition on pluralistic military burials in Israel, handed down on August 8, 2019. The Court’s opinion was written by Justice Anat Baron with the consent of Justices Elron and Grosskopf.

  • Hiddush in the legal trenches
    Written by on 01/08/2019
    Hiddush legal advocacy ranges from cases dealing with the abuse of religious IDF draft exemptions for young women to elderly hot dog vendors who legally operate their carts in Jerusalem on Friday night.

  • Groundbreaking: IDF to allow Reform rabbis to conduct military funerals
    Written by Uri Regev on 04/07/2019
    The IDF and the military Rabbinate will allow Reform rabbis and rabbis of other streams to conduct military burial ceremonies, as well as allow for secular funerals in military cemeteries. This official commitment was made by the attorney representing the State before the Supreme Court at a hearing held today (July 4, 2019) in response to a petition filed by Hiddush for Freedom of Religion and Equality against the IDF.

  • Four questions and answers about the draft law
    Written by Uri Regev on 03/07/2018
    An analysis of the much-debated haredi draft law.


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