How bad is it? The inside scoop on Israel's marriage crisis

Rabbi Uri Regev discusses a recent television expose on the difficulties that Israeli couples go through in order to marry in Israel.

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In this Video Blog, Rabbi Uri Regev speaks about an Israeli news expose on the Orthodox monopoly on marriage in Israel, which was released a few months ago. The story was filmed with the use of hidden cameras and shows an insider's account of Israel's marriage crisis. The recordings speak for themselves; clearly demonstrating the invasive and traumatic process that many Israelis go through in order to get married.

This degrading experience coupled with the fact that the majority of Israelis support civil and non-Orthodox marriages speaks to the dire need for freedom of marriage in Israel. The Chief Rabbinate's monopoly on marriage completely opposes public consensus in Israel and the acceptable standard practiced by every other Democracy in the world.

 Click here to watch the Channel 10 story "The Torturous Track to Marriage"

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