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  • Equal in War as in Life
    Written by on 10/03/2024
    Old prejudices concern the capability of women to participate as equals in combat IDF units fade away in the current war

  • Israeli Heroines
    Written by on 17/12/2023
    The female contribution in combat following the murderous attack by Hamas has left an indelible imprint on the ethos of the IDF and the State of Israel

  • The Women of the Wall want to destroy the Holy of Holies?! Really?!
    Written by on 14/07/2022
    Likud MK Miri Regev's campaign clip illustrates the willingness to embrace ultra-Orthodox doctrines which conflict with the foundations of Western democracy, and which are contrary to the will of the majority of the public who seek to advance freedom of religion and conscience in Israel.

  • On the Legal Front
    Written by on 30/06/2022
    the battle goes on. It is not just the Women of the Wall or the Pride Parade that are at stake. It’s the soul of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, and that is why safeguarding the independence and the authority of the Supreme Court is so important in Israel, even if we do not always agree with its rulings.

  • On the Legal Front
    Written by on 12/05/2022
    Recently we received a reminder of how important it is to not merely be able to petition the court in order to correct wrongs, but also to monitor implementation of court rulings and of the actual change in policy. That takes time, perseverance, and patience - a requisite for legal advocacy which by its nature is ongoing and can stretch out over a long period of time.

  • What will the monthly clash over the Kotel be like tomorrow?
    Written by Uri Regev on 03/03/2022
    The executives of the American Reform and Conservative movements, Rabbis Rick Jacobs and Jacob Blumenthal, arrived in Israel for the JAFI board meetings; and they have scheduled multiple meetings with Israeli political leaders from Prime Minister Bennett down.

  • Extremism and outright deceit
    Written by on 11/11/2021
    A picture is worth a thousand words. This photo, which was posted by the Women of the Wall, show the Chairwoman of WOW Anat Hoffman and its former director Lesley Sachs sitting on the ground and protecting the Torah scroll, which they intended on bringing into the women’s section of the Kotel so that their fellow worshippers could read from the Torah during this Rosh Chodesh service, which they have been holding, without fail, for over thirty years.

  • Joint statement protesting desecration of siddurim at the Kotel
    Written by on 14/06/2021
    Dozens of ultra-Orthodox extremists harassed Women of the Wall worshipers at their monthly service at the Western Wall on Friday, June 11, 2021. Following this hateful incident, JPLAN (the Jewish Pluralism Legal Action Network), and RUACH HIDDUSH (Rabbis and Cantors for Religious Freedom and Equality in Israel) called for charges to be brought against those responsible.

  • Hiddush fighting for gender equality
    Written by Uri Regev on 16/07/2020
    It has been 4 years since the Attorney General ordered that adequate representation be given to women on Israel's Religious Councils. However, the reality has not changed, and the composition of the councils has not been reconstituted. Of the Religious Service Minister's 120 appointees, only one was a woman.

  • On the legal front
    Written by Uri Regev on 04/06/2020
    Hiddush's activism in the legal arena has continued in the face of the Covid-19 crisis, as Israel's new government has been settling in. There will be much to do in the face of the ultra-Orthodox party's stranglehold over Israel's religion-and-state arena!

  • Equal status of women a central and important value in the Israeli experience
    Written by on 07/11/2019
    The last few days have provided us with a striking example of Israel's volatile religion/state terrain, which has consumed considerable media attention: The fight that led to the cancellation of a fundraising concert for Rabbi Avraham Elimelech Firer's NGO Ezra LeMarpeh.

  • Hiddush in the legal trenches
    Written by on 01/08/2019
    Hiddush legal advocacy ranges from cases dealing with the abuse of religious IDF draft exemptions for young women to elderly hot dog vendors who legally operate their carts in Jerusalem on Friday night.

  • First woman ever appointed as legal advisor to rabbinical courts
    Written by on 07/08/2018
    We at Hiddush are delighted by the appointment of Attorney Shira Ben-Eli as legal advisor to Israel's rabbinical courts.

  • Unlike the Government - Israelis support religious freedom and equality
    Written by on 02/08/2018
    This week, two important events occurred, and Hiddush provided special public opinion polling and analysis on the core issues that arose:

  • Unlike the Government - Israelis support religious freedom and equality
    Written by Uri Regev on 02/08/2018
    This week, two important events occurred, and Hiddush provided special public opinion polling and analysis on the core issues that arose:


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