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  • Corruption in the name of God
    Written by Uri Regev on 17/11/2017
    In the last couple days, a new chapter was added to the never ending saga of Israeli religious leaders who view the law as merely a suggestion. Whether for personal benefit or political opportunism, they do not hesitate to deviate from law and common norms.

  • The State Comptroller's 2017 report: a searing indictment
    Written by on 17/05/2017
    Israel’s 39-chapter annual state Comptroller report, published on Tuesday, May 16, was nothing less than a blistering indictment of the unholy alliance of religion & state in Israel, providing multiple examples of criminality, corruption, and discrimination conducted by government officials in the arena of religion & state.

  • Jerusalem Chief Rabbis - Why were they elected?
    Written by on 23/10/2014
    After the elections for chief rabbis of Jerusalem, all that remains is to hope that the new Chief Rabbis not cause lasting damage to Judaism and the residents of Jerusalem.

  • Rabbi Uri Regev calls on Minister Lapid to keep tabs on Rabbi Pinto's earnings
    Written by on 19/01/2014
    Hiddush CEO calls on Israeli Finance Minister to increase supervision over funds flowing into the pockets of "Rabbis of the Stars" to prevent further criminal actions.

  • Israeli religious establishment is internationally highlighted for its excessive corruption
    Written by on 05/08/2013
    The Global Corruption Barometer found that 73% of Israelis perceive the religious establishment to be either corrupt or extremely corrupt. In the rest of the world, religious institutions are the least corrupt. What does this say about religion in Israel?

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