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  • The Kotel Agreement – Multiple Perspectives
    Written by Uri Regev on 24/02/2016
    The picture that emerges now is fuller and more complex. On the side of those involved in reaching the agreement, additional perspectives have been emerging. Below, we will attempt to organize the primary views and arguments that were heard following the agreement, both pro, con, and those in-between.

  • Analysis of Israelis from the Former Soviet Union
    Written by David Bogomolny on 19/08/2015
    The graphs below show the opinions held by FSU olim in Israel, as compared to the general, Jewish Israeli public. It should go without saying that this demographic is the most adversely affected by the Orthodox Rabbinate's monopolistic powers, and there is no way one could envisage the successful absorption of the FSU immigrant population into Israel society if these issues are not resolved - first and foremost, the right to marry freely!

  • Hiddush to Knesset: Voters Want Change
    Written by on 02/11/2014
    Hiddush Vice President of Research and Information Shahar Ilan provided all Knesset Members with Hiddush's detailed analysis of the 2014 Israel Religion and State Index. It's clear that the voters want change - but the Knesset has been dragging its feet.

  • Hiddush analyzes the impact of the new coalition agreements on religion/state in Israel
    Written by on 18/03/2013
    Little and unsatisfactory reference to religious freedom, Equality in shouldering civic burden obligation to serve only starts in 4 years, in the meantime, full exemption to yeshiva students over the age of 22. Potential dramatic cuts in subsidies to ultra-Orthodox sector.

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