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  • Livni, Bennett call for one chief rabbi instead of two
    Written by on 25/07/2013
    Ministers vow to unite Sephardi, Ashkenazi chief rabbis into a single position, detach chief rabbinate from religious courts

  • Social Justice Cont'd
    Written by on 26/01/2012
    Uri Regev comments on new proposal for subsidized housing which overwhelmingly favors ultra-Orthodox over the working middle class.

  • Say no to unfair housing subsidies!
    Written by on 26/01/2012
    Hiddush Petition against suggested guidelines for affordable housing that blatantly favor ultra-Orthodox applicants

  • Israel 2021 Conference Confronts Ultra-Orthodox Workplace Integration
    Written by on 22/09/2011
    Although not part of the scheduled program, many speakers at the Israel 2021 conference sponsored by The Marker newspaper emphasized the necessity of ultra-Orthodox integration into the workforce as a means of socio-economic stability for the country as a whole.

  • Livni: No Core Curriculum, No Funding.
    Written by on 05/09/2011
    Livni shared her thoughts at the “Israel 2021 Conference” and in an interview with the newspaper The Marker. Hiddush CEO Rabbi Regev welcomes her comments: “If Livni can fulfill her promise, there can be true social justice.”

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