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  • Elyashiv: No Integreation
    Written by on 28/12/2011
    Rabbi Uri Regev says: “The number one leader is trying to prevent yeshiva students [from] gaining an education and going out to work.”

  • Who wins?
    Written by on 28/12/2011
    Shahar Ilan describes how housing reforms favor yeshiva students and religious insitutions

  • Na’ama’s Tears
    Written by on 27/12/2011
    “It won’t be a real transformation until we realize that it doesn’t start with segregation of women and doesn’t end with removal of signs”

  • Court defers to Knesset
    Written by on 06/12/2011
    Hiddush’s joint petition for civil marriage rejected, “time after time the political system gives in to pressure from ultra-Orthodox parties.”

  • Hiddush outraged by possibility of all-male committee for Rabbinic appointment
    Written by on 23/11/2011
    Suggested appointments for the Committee for Rabbinical Judges would leave the committee without female members, exacerbating and intensifying the already gender-discriminatory rabbinic court system


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