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  • After the buses: gender segregation reaches share taxis
    Written by on 03/07/2011
    The segregation between women and men does not end with the ‘Mehadrin Lines.’ Hiddush’s spokesman personally experienced segregation in share taxis: ‘I was removed from the vehicle after a single stop, because women would not let me sit next to them.’ Taxi drivers say segregation has them setting out with half-empty cabs

  • Marriage/conversion
    Written by on 28/06/2011
    Hiddush sponsored poll on marriage and conversion

  • Reform rabbi criticizes IDF conversion
    Written by on 28/06/2011
    Rabbi Regev states that it's not possible to make converts observant

  • Israelis Can Marry By Proxy
    Written by on 25/06/2011
    High Court continues to pave way towards civil marriage in Israel

  • Ruth's Conversion
    Written by on 23/06/2011
    Shavuot newsletter on conversion

  • Hiddush to Labor Party candidates: Spell out your positions on issues
    Written by on 15/06/2011
    Hiddush sent the six candidates a questionnaire in which it asks them to specify their positions on a series of subjects: civil marriage, core curriculum studies, conversion, funding for yeshivas, and more. Hiddush: Labor’s positions on matters of religion and state will significantly affect its chances of recovery

  • Who revoked Ruth's conversion?
    Written by on 07/06/2011
    On the eve of Shavuot, Hiddush launches campaign to bring attention to the issue of conversion in Israel

  • Human Rights And The Supreme Court
    Written by on 29/05/2011
    Israel has never had a constitution and has relied on its Declaration of Independence and judges to maintain equality

  • Changing From Religious To Civil Marriages
    Written by on 29/05/2011
    A comparative study for transitioning from religious to civil marriage systems

  • Civil Marriage In Israel
    Written by on 26/05/2011
    More than 5% of Israelis cannot get married in the State. Among them non-Halachic Jews, illegitimate children, abandoned wives, etc. Civil marriage is an option Israel continues to ignore

  • The Daniel Centers
    Written by on 13/05/2011
    The Daniel Centers for Progressive Judaism showing that Reform Judaism in Israel can be viable, successful, and influential.

  • Merkaz Herzog
    Written by on 13/05/2011
    The Yaacov Herzog Center for Jewish Studies

  • Torah Va'Avodah
    Written by on 13/05/2011
    Political religious Zionist movement that seeks to return religious Zionism to its roots

  • ALMA
    Written by on 13/05/2011
    ALMA Home for Hebrew Culture in Tel Aviv

  • Itim
    Written by on 13/05/2011
    The Jewish Life Information Center

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