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  • An open letter to Natan Sharansky
    Written by Uri Regev on 16/07/2016
    Mr. Sharansky, you praised the rabbinate for “connecting the Jewish state with Judaism.” Sadly, you are wrong, for the monopolistic and coercive rabbinate is alienating Israeli Jews from Judaism.

  • Israeli religious court goes off the deep end
    Written by on 13/07/2016
    Why would a rabbinic court in the world’s only Jewish state do something that would blatantly turn off most of the world’s Jews?

  • Rabbi Haskel Lookstein's degrading experience
    Written by Uri Regev on 30/06/2016
    If we needed any further reminder that the issue of "Who is a Jew" hits directly home in North America, the recent news regarding the refusal of the Israeli Rabbinic courts to accept Rabbi Haskel Lookstein's conversions is the most recent case in point.

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