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  • MK Gafni's hatred of Reform Jews trumps matters of life and death
    Written by on 15/06/2017
    MK Rabbi Moshe Gafni's remarks about leaning politically to the left at this year's Haaretz's "Peace Conference" were subsequently covered widely in the media, and even caused some internal furor within UTJ.

  • The Rabbi Miri Gold Case Demystified
    Written by on 07/06/2012
    In this major achievment of Israel's move toward recognition of non-Orthodox rabbis, we must be careful to address challenges posed, and the road ahead.

  • Glass half empty?
    Written by on 07/06/2012
    Rabbi Uri Regev explains what Israel's recognition of non-Orthodox rabbis mean, and what it doesn't.

  • More army units
    Written by on 05/06/2012
    Rabbi Regev tells Ha'aretz "There is no way to increase Haredi participation in the army without establishing additional Haredi units"

  • Only in Israel
    Written by on 29/05/2012
    Rabbi Uri Regev responds to MK Margi's response that he would quit if forced to pay salaries of non-Orthodox rabbis

  • Explain the stipends
    Written by on 08/12/2011
    Gov’t must explain continued yeshiva payments. Shahar Ilan, Hiddush Vice President, welcomes the decision

  • Yeshiva payouts legal?
    Written by on 08/12/2011
    Hiddush Vice President, Shahar Ilan shows these payments circumvent legal rules of yeshiva payments

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