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  • Just when you thought they can't sink lower...
    Written by Uri Regev on 30/06/2022
    The son of MK Pindrus, secretary general of the Degel HaTorah party, who is one of those leading attacks in the vilest language on the Bennett / Lapid government, on Reform and Conservative Judaism and on the Supreme Court, led a shocking display of behavior today at the "Ezrat Yisrael" plaza next to the Western Wall, intended for egalitarian prayers of the liberal Jewish denominations.

  • “Reform” as a generic invective
    Written by on 01/10/2021
    On the eve of Sukkot, the cover of the Shas party’s newspaper “HaDerekh” featured an interview with the party leader, Rabbi Aryeh Deri as the lead article. The first item, in order and in importance, they chose to highlight was the delegitimization of the "Reformers" (i.e. Reform Jews).

  • Israel-Diaspora consultation by law?
    Written by Uri Regev on 29/10/2020
    In the last few days, several noble initiatives converged and have been shared widely both with world Jewry and the Knesset. They focus on formalizing a process of consultation between Israel and world Jewish leadership on issues that directly affect the diaspora.

  • Minister Yankelevich, what about religious freedom for Israelis?
    Written by Uri Regev on 27/08/2020
    Speaking about the growing efforts at restricting kosher slaughter and circumcision rites in Europe, as well as litigation initiated at the European Court of Justice in Luxemburg, brought by Orthodox leadership to challenge the legality of such restrictive legislation, Minister Yankelevich spoke last week at the Knesset.

  • Interview with CEO of UJA Federation New York
    Written by on 07/05/2020
    An interview with Eric Goldstein, CEO of UJA Federation New York [ESG], regarding the complex relationship between American Jewry / the NY Jewish Federation and Israel, the attitude toward Haredim, pluralism, the non-Orthodox streams, religion and state, marriage and ‘Who is a Jew’. Kikar Ha’Shabat representative, Rabbi Benjamin Goldschmidt, conducted the interview [RBG].

  • "Israel is losing the Jewish people"
    Written by Uri Regev on 19/02/2019
    Former Israeli MFA Deputy Director General for North America, Baruch Bina, published an article in Hebrew titled ‘Israel is losing the Jewish people’. Hiddush shares some of its key assertions and observations in English here.

  • It’s time for American Jewry to speak up and act
    Written by Uri Regev on 03/10/2018
    A few days ago PM Netanyahu, in NY to deliver a forceful speech at the UN and meet with world leaders, also met with a small group of top level American Jewish leaders. The little that we know about the meeting gives us reason to urge American Jewish leaders that it’s high time to change course and take a far more proactive approach in dealing with the critically important Israel-Diaspora bridge.

  • Religion & State was front and center at the 2017 General Assembly
    Written by on 17/11/2017
    The religion-state stew is clearly boiling. This week, the General Assembly of the Jewish Federations of North America convened in Los Angeles, and these challenges were front and center.

  • The religion-state aspects of Israel's Nation-state bill
    Written by Uri Regev on 18/10/2017
    Next week the Knesset Special Committee on the Nation-State Bill (formally, 'Basic Law: Israel - The Nation-State of the Jewish People') will be deliberating on the revised draft bill, which was initiated by fourteen MKs from the Likud, Jewish Home, Yisrael Beiteinu, and Kulanu parties.

  • Politicians who degrade the Diaspora shouldn't seek support in its communities
    Written by Uri Regev on 29/06/2017
    If you weren't on Mars this week, there is high likelihood that you are aware of the fierce storms engulfing Israel and world Jewry under the blazing summer sun. Every self-respecting Jewish organization issued a statement, and the language ranged from dismay to deplore, although most were lacking when it came to taking action.

  • Knesset Internal Affairs Committee Chair stoops even lower!
    Written by on 18/11/2016
    The Jewish Federations of North America convened their General Assembly earlier this week, and impressed upon Prime Minister Netanyahu how strongly they feel about implementing the Western Wall Agreement that his Government reached with Women of the Wall, and the Reform and Conservative movements. While the Prime Minister reiterated his commitment to the agreement, but pleaded to them for patience & silence, MK David Amsalem, a senior member of Netanyahu's Likud party, in his official capacity as Chairman of the Knesset Internal Affairs Committee, attempted to sabotage the agreement because it offends his religious sentiments. In doing so he had no compunction acknowledging that this would offend American Jewry.

  • MK Amsalem's ugly disdain for Diaspora Jewry
    Written by Uri Regev on 08/11/2016
    We who truly care about Israel's well-being and bond with world Jewry must not continue tolerating such contempt for (and humiliation of) Diaspora Jewry and the largest Jewish religious streams at the hands of the leaders of the parties that serve in his Government Coalition.

  • PM to Diaspora Jews: Be Patient! We say: NO!
    Written by Uri Regev on 04/11/2016
    Hiddush's simple, straightforward review of the comments regarding the Western Wall made by the Prime Minister, the Speaker of the Knesset, and the Head of the Opposition during the Jewish Agency's Board of Governors meeting this week, teaches us much about how Israel's political leadership prefers to deal with crises in Israel's relations to the Diaspora: it's called "Damage Control."

  • Contradictory messages exuding from the State of Israel to Diaspora Jewry
    Written by Uri Regev on 21/08/2016
    This week, two reports were published in the media, which directly contradicted Israeli Minister of Diaspora Affairs and Education Naftali Bennett's words just last month: "The State of Israel belongs to all the Jews of the world.

  • Israeli religious court goes off the deep end
    Written by on 13/07/2016
    Why would a rabbinic court in the world’s only Jewish state do something that would blatantly turn off most of the world’s Jews?


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