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  • What will the monthly clash over the Kotel be like tomorrow?
    Written by Uri Regev on 03/03/2022
    The executives of the American Reform and Conservative movements, Rabbis Rick Jacobs and Jacob Blumenthal, arrived in Israel for the JAFI board meetings; and they have scheduled multiple meetings with Israeli political leaders from Prime Minister Bennett down.

  • What some MKs are actually saying about Reform rabbis
    Written by on 07/06/2012
    In the excitement of Israel's first step toward recognition of non-Orthodox rabbis, these appointments were met with disturbing reactions by both ultra-Orthodox and National Religious political leaders.

  • Same-sex marriage
    Written by on 03/06/2012
    Rabbi Uri Regev commends moves by the Conservative Movement to work toward equality in marriage

  • Jeffrey Goldberg shows “How Israel Can Stop Alienating American Jews”
    Written by on 06/12/2011
    Jeffrey Goldberg suggests several ideas as to “How Israel Can Stop Alienating American Jews”, including showing respect for diverse Jewish expression and ending ultra-Orthodox discrimination

  • Tzohar Rabbis Disingenuous In Their Campaign
    Written by Uri Regev on 15/11/2011
    Tzohar’s “victory for the Jewish People” is not in keeping with the pluralistic reality of the Jewish community in the United States from whom they have requested support.

  • Supreme Court Petition to Allow Civil Marriage
    Written by on 04/10/2011
    Hiddush CEO Rabbi Uri Regev remarks “The reality which denies the basic human right of marriage to hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens is intolerable.”

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