Students petition continued kollel stipends

Five weeks after the govt. approved the continued payment of stipends to kollel students, public advocacy and student groups filed a petition on Sunday to the court demanding that it prevent the govt. from continuing to pay.

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Rabbi Uri Regev said that “instead of forming a policy that corresponds to the fundamental values of democracy, the government is forcing the public to once again turn to the court for help.” The National Union of Israel Student, Hiddush – For Religious Freedom and Equality, Masorti (Conservative) movement and Reform movement spearheaded the petition that claimed that the recent government decision is a “foolish and unacceptable attempt to circumvent the High Court of Justice

this celebration at the expense of the public has reached its end

ruling.” Chairman of the National Student Union Itzik Shmuli said that “the government miserably failed the ethic and legal test, and we are therefore petitioning the court, to force it to once again to tell the state its opinion on the tricky scheme it pulled off at the expense of the public. The kollel student arrangement is wrong and discriminatory, and we will continue to struggle against it in the public and legal realms.”

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