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  • Affirmative action for Haredim or cronyism?
    Written by Uri Regev on 23/12/2015
    On Sunday, Israel’s cabinet approved an affirmative action initiative enabling more ultra-Orthodox workers to find employment in the civil service, as part of Shas’s leader, Minister Rabbi Aryeh Deri’s strategy to integrate the Haredi community into the civil service.

  • L'Chayim: Uri Regev - Coalition and Orthodox
    Written by on 11/06/2015
    Uri Regev, President & CEO of “Hiddush – For Freedom of Religion and Equality,” explains why PM Netanyahu's deals with ultra-Orthodox parties to win their coalition support hurts Israeli democracy and threatens American Jewry's relationship to Israel.

  • The Coalition Agreements: Religion and State Clauses
    Written by on 27/05/2015
    We are pleased to present to you the analysis report prepared by Hiddush on the religion and state clauses in Israel's 2015 coalition agreements. The document deals with budgets matters; education; freedom of religion and equality of civic burden.

  • Rabbi John Rosove: The New Israeli Government and Ultra-Orthodox Parties
    Written by on 06/05/2015
    As he strives to form a government, Prime Minister Netanyahu is making deals with small parties in exchange for their support.

  • Justice Joubran asserts state funded school networks subject to Propaganda Law
    Written by on 04/03/2015
    Justice Joubran: "Common sense and reason cannot tolerate Shas’s legal interpretation, according to which a teacher could influence a student’s parents." Rabbi Regev: “This is an important precedent that will affect a host of educational networks and future elections campaigns. The mobilization of armies of teachers has been prohibited.”

  • Ultra-Orthodox parties' history of voters' faith manipulation
    Written by on 22/12/2014
    Since 1988, the ultra-Orthodox parties have been promising rabbinic blessings, making threats and gifting "mystical" amulets to voters who commit to support them in the elections. The Knesset and the Supreme Court have set legal prohibitions against this, but the bribery and manipulation has continued.

  • Prepare for the return of the ultra-Orthodox parties
    Written by Shahar Ilan on 11/12/2014
    A simple analysis shows that the only significant change between the current government and the next one will be a replacement of the center-right government by a government comprising the right and the ultra-Orthodox parties. The centrist Yesh Atid party, led by former Finance Minister Yair Lapid, and the small HaTenua party led by former Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, will be replaced by the United Torah Judaism party and Shas.

  • Religion and State in Battle: Operation Protective Edge and Beyond
    Written by on 13/08/2014
    Several occurrences over the past several weeks signify both opportunities for progress and serious challenges.

  • Religion's pervasive role in Operation Protective Edge
    Written by on 11/08/2014
    Operation Protective Edge was accompanied by several occurences that signify opportunities for progress as well as serious challenges that must be addressed.

  • Hiddush slams Shas leader's attack on women's higher education
    Written by on 01/07/2014
    Rabbi Shalom Cohen, Shas's new spiritual leader wrote a letter which forbids women from entering academic studies. Hiddush foresees a split in the Sephardic ultra-Orthodox party.

  • Rabbi Shalom Cohen named as new Shas spiritual leader
    Written by on 28/04/2014
    Rabbi Cohen succeeds the late Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef and is well known for his offensive remarks towards Israeli Modern Orthodox Jews and the Religious Zionist party, Habayit Hayehudi

  • Israeli democracy under attack! Fighting for clean elections
    Written by on 23/10/2013
    Hiddush work endlessly to ensure that Israel's 2013 municipal elections were conducted without illegal use of blessings, curses, and charms to gain votes.

  • The battle against illegal religious campaign tactics in Israel's municipal elections
    Written by on 17/10/2013
    Hiddush has filed complaints against several ultra-Orthodox parties and institutions for illegally using religious methods as a means to secure votes in the 2013 municipal elections.

  • 80% of Israelis favor civil government
    Written by on 05/02/2013
    Survey finds 70% of seculars want new government to exclude haredi parties. "Shas and UTJ have made the public hate them."

  • 80% of the Jewish public supports establishing a civil government coalition
    Written by on 30/01/2013
    Rafi Smith Research Institute to Hiddush: 80% of the Jewish public in Israel support establishing a civil government coalition that will advance the agenda of religious freedom and equality.

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