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  • Israel's Religion and State conflict in the September elections
    Written by Uri Regev on 18/07/2019
    The unfolding election campaigning provides further validation to Hiddush's contention as to the major role that the clash of religion-&-state can potentially play if properly positioned in shaping Israel's future political trajectory. Avigdor Lieberman (whose political focus on "anti-halakha state" we've described in detail) continues to reap the gains.

  • 60% of Israel’s adult Jewish public wants national unity government
    Written by on 10/07/2019
    60% of Israel’s adult Jewish public supports Avigdor Lieberman's intention to establish a broad national unity government without the ultra-Orthodox parties, including 94% of blue and white voters. 53% of Israel's adult Jewish public may decide who to vote for on the basis of the party’s commitment to promote religious freedom and equality of the burden.

  • Dramatic developments on Israel's political scene
    Written by Uri Regev on 20/06/2019
    Dramatic developments following the elections have validated Hiddush's pre- and post-election analysis, although it is not entirely clear yet whether the necessary lessons will be drawn by all.

  • What do draft-dodging and the national budget have in common?
    Written by Uri Regev on 18/03/2018
    The "draft-dodging" bill is being demanded by the ultra-Orthodox political parties, lest they topple the government and force new elections.

  • Nearing the point of explosion!
    Written by Uri Regev on 01/03/2018
    "The storm is rising," I wrote recently. Now, I can definitely say that the situation is nearing the point of explosion! Also, this time, it is clear that the religion-state clash is an integral part of the approaching explosion.

  • Study finds that religious women in IDF report increased religious convictions
    Written by on 02/06/2017
    A new Israeli study found that young women who served in the IDF reported an increase in their level of religious convictions, more so than those who served in National Service. 89% said that their religious levels were not harmed or even improved during their IDF service.

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